Rob Beta started out like most music lovers in their teens; listening to the radio, listening to his friends’ music, buying CDs and making mix tapes. Back then it was New Wave, Hip-Hop, and Electro-Funk, and Rob soaked up these genres to the fullest until he found himself needing more.

He began to gravitate toward the “extended mixes” and “long versions” of songs by artists like New Order, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode. Rob was fascinated by the long synth instrumental sections of those songs; absent the vocal for awhile, he could hear all the details of synth melodies and pads weaving together, layers of percussion and drums all working together perfectly. He went to concerts for awhile and listened carefully, but there was still something missing, and he didn’t even know until it hit him right in the face; a huge sub-bass…

Rob felt the body-vibrating effects of sub-bass for the first time at an early 90s L.A. underground party, and he was hooked. With a tight crew of friends he started going to as many undergrounds and after-hours clubs as humanly possible, soaking up the culture and the bass-heavy music; early Techno, Breaks, and House, all mixed together by DJs like DJ Dan, Ron D Core, Doc Martin, the Wicked Crew. Late one night, he was so inspired by a track that he realized he had to start writing tracks himself. So while his friends were learning to DJ, Rob was teaching himself how to write and produce music, first with drum machines and synthesizers, later adding software like Logic Pro, ReCycle, Maschine.

Rob Beta has since been the main producing muscle behind several House, Techno, and Electronic music projects, including Elegant Mess, Polymer, The Spiral Massive. Some of his tracks are straight-forward dance tracks, some head-bobbing tracks, others are such a mix of genres that a label escapes you. But no matter what the style, Rob’s tracks always seem to have that nice blend of intricate synths, clever samples, throbbing sub-bass.

Rob Beta’s solo work has been building in momentum, and last year he released 3 single EPs on, “Out There,” “Crowd Logic,” and “Magnetic (Beta Mix),” courtesy of r3verb Records. As a DJ, Rob has performed at numerous events and clubs in the L.A. area, including VAMU in Venice, The Highlands at Hollywood & Highland, Devotion in downtown L.A., and performed at Hush Crew parties and events like Hush Crew Happy Hour in NoHo.

Rob is excited to be a new member of this talented group of DJs and Artists known as…The Hush Crew.

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