Art Car Bus Stop and friends are bringing a bad ass electric chandelier tree sculpture to the L.A. Regional Burn in Joshua Tree (Bequinox). This awesome iron tree is nearly 20 feet tall and it needs a little love. Funding permitting, we’re upgrading the lighting system to LED, powering with solar and making structural improvements so this super tall thing doesn’t fall over. 🙂

Come Saturday February the 21st as we celebrate friendship, fun, and art and raise funds for our really cool sculpture.


Fatfinger, (Project Alma)
Hyjinx (Ninja Skills)
Scotty James (Hush Crew),
Funguy, (Hush Crew)
Rob Beta (Hush Crew)
Thunk, (Art Car Bus Stop)
Peat (Art Car Bus Stop)

Special thanks to Yay Fuzzy for providing visuals!
and Hush crew and Distant Beat for providing sound.

$15 suggested donation but feel free to throw an extra 5 in there if your feeling it or if your short talk to one of us and we’ll work something out. Please invite your friends. The more the merrier!

Lastly, if you would like to contribute in anyway, let us know. We’d love to have you.

5411 W. Adams Blvd.,
LA., CA 90016
(Enter through Alleyway – Please be discreet entering and exiting the space and don’t hang out in the alleyway. Thanks in advance. 🙂