Slinky 15 – Slinky Family Gathering – 06.27.14 – 06.29.14
Celebrating 15 Years of house music in the forest.
Full weekend of camping and music on both days/nights.

TICKETS ––slinky-family-gathering
1st Tier = $55 !SOLD OUT!
2nd Tier = $70 >> Ends on Monday May 5th @ 10 am
3rd Final Tier = $85 >> Ends Friday, June 20th @ 10pm
Door Price = $100 cash only (if available)
(All sales final, no refunds)

ONLY 400 Tickets will be sold.
You must have a presale ticket to enter or pay Final Price at the door in cash.


>>>Music on Friday and Saturday<<<

(bios at bottom)
★ Golf Clap – 3 Hour Set
(Freeze Dried, Simma Black, Country Club Disco – Detroit)
★ Lee Reynolds
★ Zack Hill (VinylTribe LA)
★ Joplin
★ Eddie B
★ Benjamin Vallery
★ Kenji
★ Erik Nelson
★ divaDanielle
★ Dougal
★ Scotty James
★ Alex Castillo
★ Bret Wallace
★ Lando
★ Darrell Tenaglia
★ DJ Andy Kershaw (NDK)
★ PuzzlePiece
★ Onaquest
★ Dook


RA Event Page Norcal:
RA Event Page Socal:

Doors open at 12pm on Friday, June 27th.
Please do not show up earlier than that.


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (Subject to changes and additions)
FRIDAY 6/27/14
12:00pm (noon) – Doors Open for camp setup
5:30pm – Slinky Family Potluck
RSVP and add food you’re bringing here:
7:30pm – Slinky Opening Ceremony & Group photo
8:00pm – Opening DJ Set
4:00am (estimated time) – Friday night music ends

SATURDAY 6/28/14
9:00am – Yoga Flow Session (on dancefloor)
RSVP here:
12:00pm (noon) – Music Starts again.
6:00pm – Group Photo (near Dancefloor)
10:00am (estimated time) – Music Ends
6:00pm – Depart or arrange for Sunday Camping

Private forest camping resort located in Sequoia National Forest, 90 miles East of Fresno. DIRECTIONS WILL BE MAILED OUT AND POSTED THE WEEK OF THE EVENT


Funktion One Sound system provided by V.S. Sound


YayFuzzy Visuals


(Got a theme camp you are setting up at your camp? Let us know. Be interactive, creative and safe. )
-Sean and Niki’s Psychedelic Space Time Continuum ft. PUFF the Magic Dragon
– RC6 (rave cage 6)
-“House” of piñatas
– Erik Nelson’s Swing of Bliss

-Elemental DJ YOGA FLOW – Saturday morning at 9am. RSVP:

★★★SLINKY FAMILY POTLUCK: Friday at 5:30pm


Parking is free. You will be able to park and camp very near your vehicles, space permitting. Upon arrival the greeter will direct you to the camping and parking areas. Drive slow and cautiously. No extra long hikes or shuttles required. You may have a short walk to drop your gear off in the camping area. To organize the camping better we will not be allowing cars in the tent zone this year, but you can drop off your stuff and park a very short distance away from the camping areas. Plan ahead.


We made a spreadsheet here for you to coordinate rides and carpool to save gas and emissions:




Tents are suggested for camping.
No RVs or tow Campers allowed due to space limitations.
NO CABINS ARE AVAILABLE, but there is a community bunkhouse if you are interested in that, we can provide you with information.

Sunday camping will be available for those that want/need it. You can pay for that separately on Sunday directly to the property owner. You can find one of the Slinky staff at the event for help in coordinating this on Sunday also. The fee will be around $20 for Sunday night camping. We are not involved in booking Sunday camping.

People that are not camping Sunday night, are encouraged to start packing up to leave around 6pm Sunday night. DO NOT RUSH HOME, rest, drive home safe and rested. There is no need to be unsafe and drive tired.


No firepits are allowed. We would rather not deal with the risk of something getting out of hand. Dress warm to make up for this. But most likely it will be too warm for a fire anyway.


Bring as much food, water, and other nourishment you would need to last the entire time at Slinky. If you are over 21, feel free to bring alcohol to enjoy with your camp and friends you meet that are also over 21 years of age.

We may also have some food or water available for sale during the gathering, but you should not count on this.

The venue might also have some ice for sale, but plan ahead by bringing ice and coolers that can last a day or two with ice in them.


No smoking will be allowed inside of the dance floor area. There will be signs reminding you of this. We will also have cigarette receptacles throughout the gathering for you in designated “Smoking areas” to place your butts. Respect the land and keep it clean so that we can continue to use it. Remember that cigarettes can start a fire.


Practicing a Leave No Trace Ethic is very simple: leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it; leave no trace of your having been there, so that others – both human and animal – can enjoy the land the rest of the year.

Over the years we have all done a great job of cleaning up any trash that accidentally hits the ground. Do your part by picking it up if you see it. Don’t let trash hit the ground if you can help it. Take the extra step to get it in a bag or take it back to your camp. We will also provide you with trash bags should you need them. Everyone can do their part and take responsibility for their own waste. Leave no trace.

We will provide trash bags for you to use if you need them.
The venue owner will not take camper trash away for us, it is your responsibility. That is not part of the program. Take your trash with you.


>A Reusable cup, for sharing and enjoying drinks.
>Air Mattress
>Canopy/Ez-Up Shade structure – Some camps may not get tree shade
>Food for you and for the potluck on Friday
>Parasols/umbrella for shade
>Barbecue. GAS ONLY, No CHARCOAL will be permitted.
>Portable misters
>Camp Chairs
>Camera, take some videos and photos!
>Yoga Mat (for morning yoga)
>Squirt Guns, Misters, Things to stay cool
>Kites maybe? Not sure about wind, but plenty of space for it.
>Tables for your area- there are no benches on site
>Solar string lights to decorate your camp
>Fancy Hats
>Blow up swimming pools (for lounging)
>Big pillows and blankets for the above pools.
>Bean bags
>Golf Clothing (during Golf Clap’s set)
>Quinceañera Outfits (It’s our 15 year!)
>Swimming style outfits, boating outfits (Be fancy in the dry >pools)
>Garlic Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus >Oil (to mask your scent from Deer Flies if they are present)
>Tall Feathers for your hat (Deer Flies go to the tallest point)
>TRASH BAGS – Your trash goes with YOU

>Bullhorns or Megaphones (we came to hear music, not you)
>Firearms of any kind
>Balloons (NO BALLOONS SHOULD BE VISIBLE AT THE GATHERING) We don’t want to EVER have to pickup broken balloon fragments.
>Firewood (no bonfires or pits allowed)
>Renegade systems not allowed
>Illegal things
>Native American Headdresses (or any ethnically insensitive attire)

Respect the land.
Anything else you know you shouldn’t bring.
No charcoal grills

Last year at Slinky 14 we were visited by a few annoying flies. They bite and itch for a good while after that. (like weeks)

We are hoping we won’t have that problem this year and are hoping that the extreme heat last year played a part in stirring them up.

Deer flies are attracted to dark moving colors and CO2. Your skin releases CO2 and they come after you. They tend to head toward the tallest part of the body or object they are attracted to, in our case, the head.
There are a number of ways that people have dealt with these annoying little bugs and I’ll list some of them here for you.

—- TRAPS —-
Deer flies are dumb and will go towards blue or black objects that are moving around. Some people online have made traps like this specifically to get the flies to go toward them and then get stuck on a sticky coating on those objects. Something as simple as a bucket or cup that is blue and coated with an adhesive. There are also sticky strips you can put on your hat that deer flies will get stuck on. It’s gross but effective.

Here are some trap links: (Deer Fly Patches) (Making your own traps) (Other types of traps) (Scroll down) (blue helmet trap) (another trap idea)

—- CLOTHING AND PREVENTION —- (various tips)
Deer flies are attracted to dark things and clothing is no exception. If you can wear more earth-tone clothing that may help in avoiding any attention from the flies.
Oils can be a big help in masking your body from releasing CO2. Types of oils like Garlic Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Oil have all been found to be effective at masking your CO2 and preventing attention from flies. To use this homemade remedy, simply dab one of these oils on an old bandanna. Tie the cloth around your neck and you’ll be protected from being attacked. You can also apply some on your skin. You can dab one of these natural oils on your clothing, but keep in mind that they may stain. You can find any of these natural oils at your local health food store. Or, use your favorite search engine and the Internet to find suppliers you can order from.

Long Sleeve shirts and long socks will help in keeping flies from accessing your skin.

Another homemade remedy to keep Deer Flies from attacking you, is to stick a feather in your hat for protection from bites. Since these fliers tend to buzz around your head, placing a long item such as a feather, flower, or small branch in your hat can help keep these pests away from your head and off your skin. And you look fancy doing it!! (link to feather example)


Golf Clap
(Freeze Dried, Simma Black, Country Club Disco – Detroit) (FOLLOW) – MIXES/TRACKS

Golf Clap’s debut release Another Way was lauded by aficionados of house music and industry tastemakers, shooting it straight to the number one position on Traxsource and finishing the year in the Top 10 singles of 2013. With the support of the touring community, they have kept busy with a strong US touring schedule to bring the Golf Clap sound and unpredictable behavior to the masses. In addition, they were invited to do guest mixes for Rinse FM, Ministry Of Sound, and Pulse Radio. Besides their headline events, they have shared the stage with a veritable who’s who of veterans and rising stars alike.

Golf Clap’s residency at the Detroit-area club Grasshopper Underground was voted “Best Place to Hear House Music” by the
readers of Real Detroit Weekly. Their fresh approach to what they refer to as “peak hour deep house” has caught on around the country, spanning over 150 shows for the year.

The New Year has provided some huge opportunities while in the
studio that have already launched an exciting tour, taking them coast to coast early into 2014. With new releases scheduled on Freeze Dried, Simma Black, and the launch of their own vinyl and digital label Country Club Disco, it is safe to say you’ll find Golf Clap thrilling a dance floor near you soon. Keep it classy and try not to drown.


Lee Reynolds
(Desert Hearts, Moonshake, Tribal Love – San Diego)

Originally from England, Lee Reynolds moved to California in 1988 to ride BMX bikes. After numerous injuries he switched his focus from one pair of wheels to another, and started DJing in ’92, quickly beginning to throw parties in the San Diego area, and focusing on the ambient and psychedelic sounds of the time.. an influence that will always remain.

Not content with just chillin’ out the newly dubbed ‘Dr.Indulgent’ began to explore the more leftfield areas of dance music, collecting weird records on frequent trips back to London, playing gigs up and down the West Coast, and appearing on early internet radio shows such as Groovetech.

Fast forward to 2014 and Lee is heavily involved in the Southern California tech/house movement, co-hosting the popular Desert Hearts, Tropical Hearts, Moonshake & Tribalove parties, playing at the legendary Moontribe and Lightning in a Bottle events, and often DJing south of the border. With over 20 years of experience under his belt Lee has never had more fun DJing!!!


Zack Hill
(VinylTribe – Los Angeles)

Since 1992, Zack Hill has steadily been creating a name for himself in the dance music community, performing for all of the key players in Los Angeles and around the US. Beginning in the early years with techno and breakbeat music, his style has constantly evolved and like any great artist he refuses to be pigeonholed. Zack plays a unique blend of classic and current dance music, which appeals to any crowd.

His talent for reading a crowd and adapting to them without compromising his own unique style is what keeps him in constant demand. Zack has enjoyed success in both the DJ as well as the promoter areas as the creator of the largely successful $5DollahFunk$ series of events (30+ events over a 9 year span), as well as long standing TribeRadio podcast (reaching 1mil+ subscribers). His proven longevity along with a strong affection for dance music culture assures us that Zack will be keeping dance floors hot for a long time to come.


Benjamin Vallery
(Bodyrock Djs, Slinky – San Francisco)

Benjamin has been rocking the decks since 1998. As a co-founder of the very well known duo BodyRock DJs, Benjamin has played hundreds of events in Los Angeles, Seattle and all around the West Coast.


(Pork n Beats, Slinky-LA)

With an unusual and intriguing musical upbringing– spanning Bluegrass to Rock, Classical to Jazz and Punk to modern day Electronic, Joplin’s musical style can truly be called eclectic. For the last 12 years, she has been mainly recognized for her deep and funky House grooves, but her more recent repertoire extends far beyond to include Afro-Latin-jazz and Blues influenced Downtempo, Nu Disco, Broken Beat and Funk.Creator of LA based music and visual collective Pork & Beats, Joplin finds herself building musical “environments” anywhere from yoga studios to downtown warehouses, art galleries to Hollywood clubs, the forest to the desert and beyond.

She has run several successful residencies over the years, including Prana in Pasadena, Delay in Long Beach and Venice, the Deep Soul Lounge residing within Marques Wyatt’s Deep-LA, and a 5 year summer residency at Moonshadows in Malibu, still going strong. 2011 saw the release of Joplin and production partner Skaggs well received “Orport EP” on Joshua Heath’s Golden State Recordings, and in January of 2012 Joplin joined the artist roster at Pocket Underground, for whom she has played many times in the past at Lightning in a Bottle, Woogie Nights and various other Pocket related events.


(F.A.M.I.L.Y – Los Angeles)

Dougal is no stranger to the underground dance scene. For 18 years he has been the man behind one of Los Angeles’ most respected and cherished underground events, F.A.M.I.L.Y. He’s becoming a staple at many LA house parties these days weaving his own blend of house music styles to keep the dancefloor moving.


Darrell Tenaglia
(3AM Devices, Track Jacket Mafia – San Francisco)

No relation to that “other” Tenaglia, Darrell started spinning records in 1998, quickly earning his first gig at the infamous club “Axis” in his hometown of Boston. He relocated west in 2002, trading the Bay State for the Bay Area, where he DJ’ed under the moniker of “DV8″ as a member and resident DJ with the SF-based crew Moksha Tribe. Boasting an impressive house music collection of over 2,000 records, Darrell currently is a resident with 3AM Devices, and one-half of two DJ duos: Track Jacket Mafia and Tigers & Lions. 2014 will see debut production work released on new label 3AM DEVICES’s deeper offshoot 12AM DEVICES.


(Shade – Los Angeles)

divaDanielle started her life as a DJ after catching a record that Darren Emerson (of Underworld fame) threw into the crowd in 2003. What she lacks in height she makes up for in spunk and red-headed fury. Diva has built a name for herself in the LA dance music scene over the last 10 years. She has toured up and down the West Coast as well as across the country, bringing her brand of funky house and breaks or as she would call it “booty music”. As co-founder of the popular Summer day party series, Shade, she developed a distinctive multi-genre sound that always shines through and in 2011 became the music curator for the Charlie the Unicorn Art Car. In 2012, divaD released her first 2 tracks: Can I Get a…Shadow (Unicorns Booty Mash-Up) and $pend My Money (divaDanielle Remix). In 2013, she followed them up with Funky Sheriff and Royals (divaD’s You Can Call Me Queen Remix). No matter whether she’s playing a sunrise set in the Coachella camp grounds or wrecking the dance floor at a club, one thing’s for sure, you’re booty will be bouncin’! They don’t call her The Diva for nothing!


Bret Wallace
(re:love, Good For You Records – Los Angeles)

Bret’s background as a DJ started in the 90’s as a teenager looking for the perfect beat; scouring record stores in and around Los Angeles. His hard work & loyalty to the music & the craft has made him one of the brightest stars in the Los Angeles Underground Dance scene. An ace in the DJ booth, his demeanor is soft spoken; he lets the music & his dedication to Dance do all the talking for him…

He is the founder of LA’s wildly popular “re:love” events which take place once a month in Los Angeles, “re:love is a demonstration of the positive energy created when music, dance & dynamic social interaction are in harmony” says Bret – & it shows every month when re:love is in session with upwards of a thousand partygoers from all walks of life in attendance.

Bret’s most recent residencies include appearances at “Hustle” (a weekly Sunday gathering in Downtown L.A.) as well as a residency with LA’s staple Deep House label “Good for You Records” which takes place weekly at Bardot in Hollywood directly above Avalon.

Outside of the DJ booth, Bret is dabbling more and more in the recording studio. In 2010 Bret started collaborating with Jason Blakemore to form the duo “Puddle Mirage” releasing several tracks on Jason’s Life Music label, and occasionally can be seen playing out together under the Puddle Mirage moniker. His most recent project, a release entitled “Sound Clap” a collaboration with Kenny Summit, and Noa (out on GFY Records) successfully made the traxsource top 10 in 2013 & promises more music projects to be released in 2014.


Scotty James
(Hush Crew – Los Angeles)

Back in the day…let’s say 1996, with two of his mom’s old turntables and no microphone, Scotty James caught the DJ bug. He first got his start in Austin, TX. It was there that he fine tuned his talents and landed a Friday night radio show called “The 13th Hour” on the local college radio station, 91.7fm KVRX. “The 13th Hour” radio show featured both local and national guest DJ’s and brought Austin fresh electronic music weekly for over 2 years. After finishing his schooling in Texas, Scotty decided to move out to Los Angeles to follow his passion for music. Within the first two years of living in Los Angeles, he managed to land two club residencies and DJ’ed regularly for rave promoters 26C and Freedom Force Five. Through mutual friends within the scene, Scotty met Funguy and jlife. After hanging out at a few parties, they soon realized their shared passion for electronic music. Sick of the typical Hollywood club scene, it was only a matter of time before they organized their resources and started throwing parties. The Hush Crew was born. In the spring of 2008, Scotty was invited to be the tour DJ on the second half of the Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood North American tour. Before and in between Keith & Carrie’s performances, he warmed crowds over with an eclectic mix of classic, feel good tunes. Over 14 years now, Scotty has graced the decks and entertained crowds from coast to coast. Whether he’s rocking an arena or a playing a bar mitzvah, Scotty brings forth an uplifting yet lighthearted energy to his DJ sets. His somewhat eclectic style includes all forms of House, Breaks and Drum & Bass. Past residencies include: The Standard Rooftop, Key Club, Sunset Room, Luna Park, Shelter, Falcon, Club Lingerie, SPLURGE, Freedom Force Five and 26C Events. For mixes or info, visit


Eddie B
(HAWT, Jel-O, UNA – Los Angeles)

Saving the world… One record at a time…

In love with the art of DJ-ing since the concept of mixing two songs together first occurred to him, it was house music that led Eddie to the decks years ago. Despite a bottomless versatility rarely found among modern DJs, and an arcane knowledge of music, deep and techy house still inspires Eddie to play today.

After honing his talents behind the decks for over a decade, everywhere from guest list only lounges to subterranean soirées and often alongside some of the biggest names in house, Eddie has found a home in the studio with dance music producing partners, and on the stage as one part of the trip-hop friendly yet unclassifiable trio, UNA.

While being part of a band may have come as a surprise to someone who doesn’t play a traditional instrument, being an integral part of UNA seems natural for an artistic soul so dedicated to the art of DJ-ing and music, and so passionate about getting things right.

As UNA’s turntablist, Eddie adds in the aural layers that help make UNA’s sound fresh and elusive. When he’s not collaborating in the studio or performing with the band, he’s DJ-ing in major cities throughout the U.S. and working on 4/4 productions that have already garnered attention from household names in dance.


(Love n Happines – Los Angeles)


Erik Nelson
(F.A.M.I.L.Y – Los Angeles)

Starting in the misty past of the last century, Erik was taken to a party that he rather enjoyed, which started a habit of having way too much fun dancing to really loud music in unlikely places. Not too long after that first party, he had his own sound system, and carted it all over the deserts, forests and warehouses of southern California to help give other people loud music to dance to. While doing that, he noticed that DJs were having a lot of fun, and figured he should give it a shot. More than a decade after first getting behind the decks, he’s still at it, now as part of F.A.M.I.L.Y. and Camp Charlie, and as a frequent guest of the Shade day parties. Most of what he plays now falls somewhere in the giant and wonderful family tree of House music, and while exactly which branch depends on where and when, basslines are always key, funk is essential, and a little melody now and then never hurt anyone.


Dan Onaquest
(Echo Sessions – Los Angeles)

Made in Japan. Upgraded in Jersey. Rebuilt in Seattle. Finely tuned in Los Angeles. Adept at mixing a dynamic soundscape, his mission is simple; use the music to connect the people by moving their souls and their feet. Onaquest pays respect to the classic history of dance culture while seamlessly injecting forward thinking music. His solid foundation in drum & bass, house, and techno was forged back in the 90?s while shooting video footage of live performances, and updating the vast catalog of vinyl and cd’s for Groovetech Seattle, where he also hosted a weekly mix show for a number of years. Never one to sit still, his relentless pursuit of quality music and the deep desire to learn more about its various cultures has taken him to such cities as Barcelona, Berlin, and Tokyo where he has performed, and captured video footage of events and notable individuals who are defining their cities. He currently uses the Echo Sessions weekly show on Hush Radio as a platform to showcase Artists and DJ’s : past, present, and future.


Alex Castillo
(JAM On It/Slinky – Los Angeles)

Alex has been working on perfecting his style and technique for over 10 years. At Slinky 6 in 2005 we finally got the opportunity to hear what Alex had to offer the dance floor and we have had him on our lineup ever since. Alex is quickly gaining notoriety for his track selection and technical mixing skills. Some of his sets have been crowd favorites on more than one occasion at our annual Slinky gathering.




Many details and gathering information to come.

Camping, House Music, Art, Awesome People, Beautiful Forest.