The infamous Steampunk is once again traversing the vortex of time and space to bring you another night of wonder and mystery.

Follow us through dark, narrow alleys where the Western frontier spirit and the exotic Orient intersect. Let your senses be enveloped by the heady scent of spices, the bold colours of rich silks, and the smoky haze of the intoxicating magic Poppy.
We welcome you to The Opium Den. See what awaits on the other side of the euphoric curtain.

Jesse Wright
Scotty James
Kerry Bo Berry

and more TBA!

Costume contest with an amazing prize, so dress to impress!
Theme inspirations: luxurious Chinese robes, dusty Western leathers, posh Robber Barron suits, strict Victorian corsets, titillating brothel undergarments and, of course, creative Steampunk

Limited number of presales for only $10! Get ’em while they last!

The SteamPunk Saloon would like to thank our performers for their talents and our guests for their support in our goal to bring a bigger, better Saloon to the Playa this year! We’re thinking a performer stage, flame effects, another entertainment structure, 30 foot towers with new signage among other things.