The time is upon us again and love is in the air! Your friends at Art Car Bus Stop invite you to share in an unforgettable, festive night of love and celebration! We’ve taken extra care to put together a lineup that spans across several camps with the idea of bringing together even more friendly faces!

As always, this is a non-profit event. All proceeds will directly fund the ACBS Sound stage at BEquinox! The upcoming regional will host our most ambitious stage installation yet! Fabrication and Welding are well under way! Come to ‘HeArt Car Bus Stop’ and see what all the buzz is about!

$15 presale
$20 Door

Online tickets may be purchased here—->

Entertainment Lineup:

Peat (ACBS)
FunGuy (Hush Crew)
Squachek (Mystical Mysfits)
Thunk (ACBS)
Loomer (Cruz Coalition)
A*Sun (Space Station 3)
Orence (Alien Underground)

More to be announced.

Don’t miss the Art Raffle!

Sound by Alien Underground
Stage Design by Atomic Arts/Desirae Hepp and Jason Saunders
(A section of the final BEquinox stage design!)
Peat Art (Art Car Bus Stop)

Funguy (Hush Crew)

The name Funguy isn’t new to you. Yet somehow he’s an obscurity that can be hard to find. Yet once found you are guaranteed a good time. You can expect a deeper side of Funguy this year. He’s getting back to his roots with psychedelic music by digging deep into glitch hop, dub, mid-tempo and world rhythm psychill. Funguy is currently in the studio with Rob Beta creating an EP under the working name Rebel Skum! These tracks are planned to debut at Bequinox! https://soundcloud.com/djfunguy

Squachek (Mystikal Misfits)

Squachek is the #1 Producer/DJ of all time in our solar system and the #2 Producer/DJ of all time in the entire universe. This is why his name sounds familiar to you. Squachek’s crotch sweat is a key ingredient in the manufacture of semiconductors. This is why people steal his undergarments. Squachek is also the founder and resident DJ of dirtypumps, LA’s newest night of basstasticness. For years, he’s played to thousands at the largest camps at Burning Man including Disorient and Root Society, and at clubs and parties in Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC, including House Of Hollywood, Decompression and PEX/PLF’s Naughty Snowball.

Thunk (Art Car Bus Stop)

Ten years ago, Thunk began his DJ career in the midwestern rave circuit. From barns and cornfields to warehouses and deserts, he has found his home on the west coast in recent years. An Art Car Bus Stop local, co-conspirator of numerous Burning Man sound camps, and fledgling desert artist, Thunk is known for bringing deep, rich tech house and electro beats to the table. All aboard the Bass Line!

Loomer (Cruz Coalition)

Not too long ago, The Loomer began direct pursuit of his true passion – music as a force for positive change. Loomer produces and performs breakbeats and dirty electro with intricate melodies, abstract vocal phrasing, and phat, dusty bass to activate body and mind. With a growing list of LA residencies — Area 33, Zanzibar, Custom Hotel, House of Blues Foundation Room –- DJ Loomer’s sound is characterized by lots of changes, layers upon layers of broken beats and provocative lyrical snippets that narrate a labyrinthine musical journey across time and space. Remix tracks are available on Teknical Funk and illeven:eleven recordings and an original LP is on the way.

The Loomer can be found rocking dance floors from Coachella to Electric Daisy Carnival, from Lightning in a Bottle to Burning Man. In addition to performing at events and festivals in the US and abroad, Loomer (aka David Loomstein) produces live events with partner Art Cruz as The Cruz Coalition.

A*Sun (Space Station 3)

A.SUN has developed a following and found that there are many ears out in the crowds, receptive to his style of sonic expression…those who find it to be unique. He has been producing his own events in and around L.A. and has been hosting a recurring event, Space Station 3, since 2004. Simultaneously, A.SUN is producing his own music and creating an original new direction for all to seize now.


If you’d like to be involved with this event, join our expanding crew, or share your talent- please drop us a note to less us know! We’d love to hear from YOU!