That’s right, this will be our last Sunday Service before Lightning in a Bottle next week, so we are gonna do it WOOGIE STYLE!

Come dance with your Woogie family and let’s kick this week off right!

Sunday Service is our new weekly, daytime, Sunday party for all us LA East Siders. Nestled right in between the 5, 134 and 2 freeways, Complex is easy to get to and is perfectly located between Downtown LA, the Valley and Pasadena.

Each week we will feature amazing DJ’s on Funktion 1 sound, an awesome bar featuring 35 beers and home made mixers, a big sunny back patio, tasty food, cool vendors and amazing artists! Our goal is to create a regular, reliable Sunday daytime alternative where we can come together as a community, have fun, shake our asses and have a drink with friends.

Repent Sinners!

~ Mr. Williams Loves Me aka. Cody Lee [Spundae :: Groove Radio] ~
LISTEN: http://goo.gl/OIxHQ

~ Synchronometry ~ [Synchronometry :: Psytribe] ~
LISTEN: http://goo.gl/mwhrd

~ Funguy [Hush Crew]
LISTEN: http://goo.gl/qTdJ9

~ Antonio Arebalo [mcast|proton :: cultivating sounds]
LISTEN: http://goo.gl/kQ1bl

Sunday June 30, 2-8p
806 E. Colorado St. Glendale