Presented by The Hush Crew and Tribal Underworld

[Synergy] is a new series of intimate gatherings which aims to bring together local dj talent, promotional crews, and dancers while ensuring the venue, musical timeline, and physical environments are geared toward an overall feeling of acceptance, comfort, and relaxation in order to enjoy that feeling of unity on the dance floor we all love so much.

We are producing these events in celebration of the local house dj talent here in the Los Angeles area. We will showcase LOCAL TALENT ONLY with the hope of developing more unity within our community. Please support this effort, support you local scene! Love it, Live It.

<<< This is a private event >>>

Must RSVP (via the URL below, NOT facebook) before 6:00pm day of
event for entrance.
We will email you the address and directions day of the event


$12 / +21 w RSVP / All attitudes checked at the door
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Visuals provided by STIMULeye

<<<<< Session 1 Audio Counselors >>>>>

Zack Hill
||Vinyl Tribe || $FiveDollahFunk$ || Triberadio ||

|| Pork & Beats || Pocket Underground ||

Mikey Velazquez
|| Hawt Music ||

<<<<< Resident Therapists >>>>>

|| The Hush Crew ||

Maximus C.
|| Tribal UnderWorld ||

Plus a very special opening set by:

Scotty James
|| The Hush Crew ||


All sets will be recorded for later release via for your musical enjoyment.

This event is a Hush Crew and Tribal Underworld labor of love.

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About the Therapists:

Since 1992, Zack Hill has steadily been creating a name for himself in the dance music community, performing for all of the key players in Los Angeles and around the US. Beginning in the early years with techno and breakbeat music, his style has constantly evolved and like any great artist he refuses to be pigeonholed. Zack plays a unique blend of classic and current dance music which appeals to any crowd.
His talent for reading a crowd and adapting to them without compromising his own unique style is what keeps him in constant demand.
Zack has enjoyed success in both the DJ as well as the promoter areas as the creator of the largely successful $5DollahFunk$ series of events (30+ events over a 9 year span), as well as his weekly internet podcast TribeRadio (reaching 1mil+ subscribers).
His proven longevity along with a strong affection for dance music culture assures us that Zack and the rest of the VinylTribe will be keeping dancefloors hot for a long time to come.
Joplin has an unusual and intriguing musical upbringing– spanning Bluegrass to Rock, Classical to Jazz and Punk to modern day Electronic, Joplin’s musical style can truly be called eclectic. For the last 12 years, she has been mainly recognized for her deep and funky House grooves, but her more recent repertoire extends far beyond to include Afro-Latin-jazz and Blues influenced Downtempo, Nu Disco, Broken Beat and Funk.
Creator of LA based music and visual collective Pork & Beats, Joplin finds herself building musical “environments” anywhere from yoga studios to downtown warehouses, art galleries to Hollywood clubs, the forest to the desert and beyond. She has run several successful residencies over the years, including Prana in Pasadena, Delay in Long Beach and Venice, the Deep Soul Lounge residing within Marques Wyatt’s Deep-LA, and a 5 year summer residency at Moonshadows in Malibu, still going strong.
2011 saw the release of Joplin and production partner Skaggs well received “Orport EP” on Joshua Heath’s Golden State Recordings, and in January of 2012 Joplin joined the artist roster at Pocket Underground, for whom she has played many times in the past at Lightning in a Bottle, Woogie Nights and various other Pocket related events.

Since 2006, Mikey Velazquez has helped develop HAWT Music into a well recognized brand & staple in house music. He manages the label A & R, hosts the weekly HAWT Music Radio podcast, organizes LA’s infamous HAWT events, and also DJ’s regularly.
Mikey is currently working with various producers as a vocalist, as well as on his own original productions.

Back in the day…let’s say 1996, with two of his mom’s old turntables and no microphone, Scotty james jumped into the world of DJ’ing. He first got his start in Austin, TX. It was there that he fine tuned his talents and landed a Friday night mix show called “The 13th Hour” on the local college radio station, 91.7fm KVRX. “The 13th Hour” radio show featured both local and national guest DJ’s and brought Austin fresh electronic music weekly for over 2 years.
After finishing his schooling in Texas, Scotty decided to move out to Los Angeles to follow his passion for music. Within the first two years of living in Los Angeles, he managed to land two club residencies and DJ’ed regularly for rave promoters 26C and Freedom Force Five.
Through mutual friends within the scene, Scotty met Funguy and jlife. After hanging out at a few parties, they soon realized their shared passion for electronic music. Sick of the typical Hollywood club scene, it was only a matter of time before they organized their resources and started throwing parties. The Hush Crew was born.
In the spring of 2008, Scotty was invited to be the tour DJ on the second half of the Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood North American tour. Before and in between Keith & Carrie’s performances, he warmed crowds over with an eclectic mix of classic, feel good tunes.
Over 14 years now, Scotty has graced the decks and entertained crowds from coast to coast. Whether he’s rocking an arena or a playing a bar mitzvah, Scotty brings forth an uplifting yet lighthearted energy to his DJ sets. His somewhat eclectic style includes all forms of House, Breaks and Drum & Bass. Past residencies include: The Standard Rooftop, Key Club, Sunset Room, Luna Park, Shelter, Falcon, Club Lingerie, SPLURGE, Freedom Force Five and 26C Events. For mixes or info, visit

Jaymystic has been a constant figure in the underground community of the entire west coast since ’90 when we first found techno and house music while serving in the USMC. He continued his progression within the scene from attendee to dj to promoter while moving from Orange County to Portland Oregon, and back to Los Angeles. He has held residencies in Vancouver BC, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Orange County and now focuses on event promotions as well as djing. He accepted membership into The Hush Crew in 2010 and has been an active member ever since. Jaymystic has been a mainstay in the Los Angeles underground for over twenty years and is one of the most diverse djs in the business. Whether playing downtempo, breaks, dnb, world music, hiphop or house, his trademark soulful sound is unmistakable and has earned him the respect of many in the business.

Maximus C’s adventures in the LA underground scene started back in 1990 in the “dirty warehouse days of glory”. He immediately fell in love with the music and decided he wanted to be involved with the scene somehow someway. Max started promoting at an early age, helping promote events like: Flamable Liquid, No-Doz, Citrusonic, Funny Farm, Armagedon, Sugarbeats, Cosmos, More, Rozalla, Our House, Funktion at the Verdugo and the now infamous Insomniac afterhours, plus to many others to name.
After Insomniac became the massive monster mainstream events that they are today he decided to split ways and went back to his underground roots; throwing private parties and playing the music he loves so much has become part of his journey.

Let the Music be the Journey, let the MUSIC BE THE KEY!