Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza began at a little cafe on the shore of the island. DJs would play beautiful world and house music, what we now call mid and down-tempo, until the sun gave way to the night. Then the music would ramp up to a blistering hot house party at the beach!

Cafe Del Mar in Malibu is that same amazing vibe! Housed at the extraordinary location at the sand in Point Dume… The Sunset Restaurant… is a perfect fit! This event is poetry and party all rolled into one…

…and it is FREE!!!

For this particular date( May 10th), Carlos Buti is joining forces with veteran EDM scene producers Mike Insane (Ninja Skillz, LA) and Juicy (of Kundalini Lounge fame) to bring an infusion of the LA, OC, and SD dance community out to experience Malibu at Sunset!

The location is breath taking and we are confident that the talented lineup will be equally stunning.

PORTER Had something major come up so in her place we got one of our favorite crews involved… and Duh… House Music all night long!…

Introducing SCOTTY JAMES of the HUSH CREW… one of the sickest House Crews in LA. This is a no-brainer because they are a standard setter for underground House Music!

ERIK NELSON, (F.A.M.I.L.Y.) is a mainstay in the underground house scene. Has been selecting the tastiest house music in LA for over 7 years!

MICHAEL INSANE (Ninja Skillz), had been on the decks for over 20 years, a fixture in the Burner scene, Mike has also held residencies on Frequency 104.7 FM and KCSC.

Joining him on live Guitar is EL CHINO, a core member of T’Gon and Project Alma, and a graduate of the famous Berklee College of Music, who has played coast to coast!

There is only one man who can bring the SEXY! JACQUES THE RIPPER The co-creator of The Kundalini Lounge, his savory mix of house music is legendary for two things, making every man feel like the coolest guy in the room and making the women swoon to his beats!

The hot young rising star WILL LEVINE,(Cruz Coalition/ Ninja Skillz) rounds out the night with his unique blend of get up house and kick ass progressive House!

Internationally reknown artist-designer Justin Drew will be performing live BODY ART COUTURE–

This event begins at 6 PM because seeing the sunset is a major element to the experience! Get there early and enjoy some of the best $5 Happy-Hour Appetizers on the west coast! The best part is that not only are delicious well drinks only 5$ but, admission is free!

So, get off of work early, clear your schedule, make the quick drive to a magical place where something extraordinary will happen. Join us at CAFE DEL MAR!