Ok, so here’s the skinny on Skinny’s. It’s a great little joint in the valley with a huge bar, cool staff, nice dance floor and thumpin’ sound system. They are trying out new promoters over the next few months and we’re hoping to team up with them to bring some much needed electronic entertainment to the 818. We’ve hosted a couple of warm up events with our Hush Crew Happy Hours and so far the feedback’s been great. Now it’s time for our evening event, 818 Estate. A full line-up of DJ’s that either currently reside in the valley, or used to. By the 818, for the 818!

This is a trial date, so we’d appreciate all the support we can get. Come out and hang, even if it’s just for a quick drink. No cover all night and special guests: Jason Barrios (InStereo/Audacious) & Matty Scoll (Shush Music). Both of these guys rock and are well worth coming out to see on a school night. Trust us!

See you next Tuesday!

The Hush Crew

818 Estate
Tuesday, Feburary 22nd 2011 – 8pm-2am
Skinny’s Lounge
4923 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601