Come one, come all! Join us as we close out the year with our final Hush party of 2010! This time around we have the lovely Girls of Shade as our special guests. If you’re unfamiliar with Shade, it’s a monthly daytime event that takes place at various outdoor locations such as Woodley Park and Zuma Beach. It’s by far one of the best Summer time parties in existence and we’re excited to have the girls as our guests! For more… information, please visit

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our Hush parties, they are “speakeasy” themed. They originated back in early 2007 and were held at the infamous MJ Higgins Speakeasy in downtown Los Angeles. The venue was eventually sold to the city in late 2007, and we then moved to our new location which has a similar speakeasy theme to it. The parties are simple, yet classy. Picture a candle lit venue, vintage Hollywood decor/visuals, and a classy crowd. No shiny shirted meatheads, guaranteed! With tons of free parking, affordable cover charge and a unique décor, we promise you that it’s well worth attending.

To ensure the intimacy of the event and keep in line with our speakeasy them, we’re reinstating the password. If you don’t know the password, then you may be subject to having to do something silly to gain access. It all depends on how our door girl Melinda feels that night. 🙂

Help us get the word out. If plan on attending, tell a friend or two. The success of our parties is due to the quality of our patrons. Even though you may not know everybody at our events, the friendship circles are close enough that it feels like you do. Almost like a house party, but in a club. We appreciate it immensely and in return, we promise to turn this mutha out the only way we know how!

With style, grace and bass.

The Hush Crew


Saturday, November 20th 2010
THE HUSH CREW presents…

★ HUSH ★

Vintage Hollywood
4000 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90018
$10 cover
FREE Parking!

Password: “SHADE

★ THE GIRLS OF SHADE (divaDanielle & Porter Tinsley)
★ FAITH D’MARCO (Shade, Sapient Mongrel)

★ JAYMYSTIC (Hush Crew)
★ JLIFE (Hush Crew)

Time slots to be announced closer to event.

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