SPLURGE is finally upon us! The party where dreams become reality and realities become dreams. You will be pleased to know that this party will be on fully permitted private land, 3 hours away in the Mojave desert. There will be two porta potties, a chill out dome, and a rockin’ sound system! This of course was not free, so we’ll need your help by donating whatever you can upon entry. We will be celebrating the birthdays of Funguy and Japheal, so bring the energy and the booze because were gettin’ silly!

The Schedule:
Friday Evening – The Psychedelic Campfire Mindmelt
Hosted By: DJ Funguy and Akira spinning psy-downtempo, dub, IDM, and ambient weirdness.

Saturday Afternoon – Sunbake Kickball Tournament
Strictly for the freaks! Cheerleaders with supersoakers are always welcome!

Saturday night – SPLURGE!
There will be an opening formal cocktail party that should not be missed! Bring your best or worst formal attire, (pants not required) and some cocktails to share and groove out to.

DJ Lineup:
9-10 DJ Smooth-E – www.waxdj.com/djs/5502/
10-11 Japheal
11-1 Funguy – www.djfunguy.net
1-3 divaDanielle – www.djdivadanielle.com
3-5 Todd Spero – www.toddspero.com
5-6 Funguy – www.djfunguy.net
6-8 Akira
8-10 Blista – www.myspace.com/blista
10-12 Tag team wacky onesies**

**Wacky onesies is the chance for our DJ’s drop their goofiest tracks that they have, but never have an occasion to play**

The Rules:
1. Please leave the land without a trace except for footprints and tire tracks. No cigarette butts, bottle caps, toilet paper, beer cans, etc.

2. Do not disturb any of the plants. There is a $500 fine for each and every plant that is dislocated without a permit out there.

3. Bring your own fire wood. There really isn’t much to burn except for sage and creosote bush. Besides rule number 2, creosote bush lets off toxic fumes when burned and it’s not good to breath.

4. Please, only one fire at the party. We’d prefer if you use the fire pit that is already there. If you really need to build your own fire, please do not build it too close to any plants. Make sure it is out before leaving and don’t bury it! If coals remain, just spread them out a little and let them burn out.

5. The property boundaries are the roads you come in on and the foothills (it’s 40 square acres). Please do not leave the property, except to go home. The air force has been protecting a restricted area out there and they will detain anyone that approaches it.

6. Please do not repost this on social networking sites such as myspace, facebook, tribe, etc.

7. We cannot have more than 250 people total. More than 250 people requires a permit from San Bernardino County and we do not want them to know about our use of the land. Arrive early to ensure you get in!

8. PLEASE EXERCISE THE UTMOST CAUTION! It is the desert and it is easy to get in trouble out there. We want you to have fun, but please remember to be careful.

The Directions:
Common paths include: 210 East. 15 North. 395 North. Or take the scenic and better drive on 5 north to 14 north into Mojave. 58 east to Kramer Junction.

1. Take all routes to Kramer Junction (intersection of Hwy. 395 and 58). This intersection is about 30 miles East of the town of Mojave. Look at a map to get exact directions from your location.

2. From Kramer Junction, go North on 395 for 6.8 miles and turn right onto a dirt road that has a stop sign at the beginning of it. (see NOTE #1 for land marks along the correct route)

3. Follow the dirt road. It heads south (i.e. to the right) for about .1 mile and then curves to the left. Set your odometer and go 6.4 miles. (See NOTE #2)

4. At 6.4 miles (right after the bullet-ridden sign) you will turn left. Reset your odometer. From this point on there *should* be markers at the turns, but pay attention in case the markers get moved.

5. Go .8 miles and turn Right. Reset your odometer.

6. Go 2.9 miles and turn Right (see NOTE #3). Reset your odometer.

7. Go .7 miles and turn Right again. Reset your odometer.

8. Go .5 miles and turn Right AGAIN

9. Go straight about .2 miles to parking.

NOTE #1:
As you’re driving along the 395, here are some markers that will let you know you’re going the right way:
– at 5.7 miles there will be an entrance to an abandoned government/air traffic control complex on your left
– if you pass a blue call box around 7.0 miles, you’ve gone too far

NOTE #2:
As you’re driving on the dirt road, here are some markers that will let you know you’re going the right way:
– there is a long, sandy stretch of road around 3.5 miles and again at 4.9 miles
– you will see a bullet-ridden sign at 6.3 miles

NOTE #3:
There is a road that looks like the turn off a couple tenths of a mile BEFORE the turn off at 2.9. Be careful to go all the way to 2.9 miles.

The dirt road in is totally passable by a passenger car, but it DOES have ruts and sandy sections. If anyone is driving a passenger car, we’d suggest you have some experience with slightly challenging roads. The sand is NOT powdery, but it is rocky. Low-riding cars may have issues. Please be careful and discreet to and from the party.

Travel safe and we look forward to seeing you there!

Yours truly,
The Hush Crew