We hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend, because this one’s going be crazy! Dust off those dancing shoes and wring out your livers, cause HUSH is back and it’s time to party!!! Make sure you forward this email to all to your friends so they know the password. Also, the bar is cash only so make sure to hit up your local ATM before you arrive.

See you Saturday!
The Hush Crew

Saturday, April 12th 2008
The Hush Crew presents…
★ HUSH ★

Located at:
M.J. Higgins Gallery
519 Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

$5 cover, 21+
Password: Rumors

★ Matty Scoll (Shush)
★ Funguy (Hush Crew)
★ jlife (Hush Crew)
★ DJ Haus (Strictly Vinyl)