Hello everyone. First and foremost, how is everyone doing? It’s been awhile since I’ve used this email list of mine, so if you have a new email that you would rather it go to or want to be removed, please let me know.

I would personally like to invite everyone out to a party on Saturday 3/3. I was able to secure a night at this very unique downtown location. I’m extremely excited and if this goes well, we’ll be able to throw more events there. This is where I need your help. I need my LA posse to show up in full effect, ya heard? 🙂

I cannot go into full details as to what exactly the venue is. But I’ll give you a hint. It’s underground and it was used in the 1920’s for something. There, that’s EASY to figure out right? 😉

In order to keep this an intimate party, there will be a password that you need to know in order to get into the party. The password will be emailed out the week of the event as well as posted on my myspace page.

$5 cover charge and $5 for parking. Parking is right next to the venue and super EASY. So for less than it takes to park in Hollywood, you’ll already be in the door!

Hope to see your smiling faces on the dance floor….